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Tippie Learns Sounds Boxset

Tippie Learns Sounds Boxset

Learning sounds is fun with Tippie the elephant! "Tippie learns sounds" was developed in collaboration with an occupational therapist. This series includes early learning and developmental outcomes to support phonemic awareness. Generalisation and consolidation of letter sounds, letter formation as well as auditory and visual perception skills form part of this unique approach.

"Tippie learns sounds" includes hidden curriculum skills and encourages incidental learning. A structured approach to learning and recognising letters with associations is supported by focusing on correct letter formation with a clear beginning and end for each letter. Visual scanning for task completion and early reading is encouraged with an emphasis on working from left-to-right, top-to-bottom.

Learning readiness is key to our approach, emphasising fun, child-centred and age appropriate multi-sensorial activities.

(Pictured: Worksheet samples from Afrikaans set. English worksheets follow a similar format, but English language content is unique).

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